LinkedIn Secrets From a Top Executive Recruiter

Want the job of your dreams? It all starts with saying the right things on your LinkedIn Profile.

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7 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. How to create a LinkedIn Profile that will get you noticed for your expertise.
  2. How LinkedIn's Relevance Algorithm works to stay at the top of search results.
  3. Discover job search tips and apps that you can combine with LinkedIn to get noticed.
  4. Learn what is important when it comes to your LinkedIn Photo
  5. Cool tools and apps that supercharge your LinkedIn profile.
  6. How to get found by Recruiters, HR executives and Hiring Managers 
  7. Secret strategies for using LinkedIn in a Job Search.

About The Author

"Your Leading Authority on Leveraging LinkedIn" is Founder of Secrets From a Headhunter and President of The Landolt Group, a Toronto-based executive search firm.

Shanna has been featured as a LinkedIn and Career expert on NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, CityTV and the Life Network.
She is the author of "LinkedIn Secrets From a Top Executive Recruiter" and "Secrets From a Headhunter: LinkedIn Secrets for Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Professionals". She is a contributing author along with Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins to the book "101 Great Ways to Compete in Today's Job Market". She is also the Editor, Recruitment Strategy for The HR Gazette.
Shanna invented The Best Referrals Hiring System™. This unique system leverages LinkedIn with technology used by information marketers to produce top referral hires while saving companies up to 50% of their hiring costs.
She also works with Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives to create compelling LinkedIn Profiles that get them found for their expertise.
She has over 15 years of recruitment experience and has interviewed thousands of candidates and placed hundreds of people in 6-figure jobs.
Shanna is committed to people loving their lives and going to work each day doing something they are passionate about. Clients consider her a trusted adviser.

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